Gauge Glass Classification According to Shape

Transparent Gauge Glass

Transparent gauge glass has high transmittance and resist to aggressive environment, so transparent sight glass is widely used in industry and petrol.

Reflex Gauge Glass

Corrosion resistance and transparency reflex gauge glass is used to read the liquid level more clearly in the boiler and some instruments.

Aluminosilicate Glass

Aluminosilicate glass is crystal clear and has low shrinkage, high stability and diverse functions. It is widely used in various gauge glass and sight glass.

Tubular Gauge Glass

Tubular gauge glass, with stable chemical property and thermal property, is commonly used in high pressure or low pressure tanks and boilers.

Redline Tubular Gauge Glass

Redline tubular gauge glass can clearly read the liquid level for easy operation and management in tanks, reservoirs and low pressure boiler applications.

Round Sight Glass

Round sight glass, suitable to work in high temperature and pressure and aggressive medium, are widely used in industry flanges and pipes.

Reflex Level Gauge

Reflex level gauge is designed to measure the liquid level by discriminating the refractive indices of liquid and vapour to offer a clear liquid level image.

Transparent Level Gauge

Transparent level gauge allows operators to observe the liquid color changes and interface and total liquid level changes clearly and directly.

Weld Pad Level Gauge

Weld pad level gauges are available in both reflex and transparent gauge glass configurations and are widely used for closed or non-critical process containers.

Tubular Sight Glass

Tubular sight glasses are generally installed on non-transparent pipelines for media key features detection.

Flange Sight Glass

Flange sight glass is mounted on ANSI or other flanges to observe the flow reaction of liquid, gas and other media within industrial pipes tanks & vessels.

Double Window Sight Glass

Double window sight glass allows workers to monitor the industrial fluids passing through the pipeline without affecting the normal operation of the system.

Gauge Cock

The gauge cocks have upper and lower valves, and are generally used in water tanks, filters, retorts, beverage cans and chemical tanks.

Level Gauge Gasket

Level gauge gaskets are widely used in reflex, transparent & weld pad level gauges to effectively prevent level gauges from liquid leakage.

Sight Glass Gasket

Sight glass gaskets seals the instruments to prevent media loss and mitigates the action of impact force to prevent glass breakage due to external force.

Mica Gasket

Mica gaskets have excellent corrosion resistance and can provide the best protection for transparent level gauges and transparent type weld pad level gauges.

Oil Sight Glass

Oil sight glass enables an immediate visual inspection of the oil and a clear view of oil color and clarity in oil tanks, pumps, gearboxes, reservoirs, etc.

Moisture Indicator

The moisture indicator color changes as the percent of moisture in the refrigeration system varies to check the refrigerant conditions.

Oil Level Indicator

Oil level indicator is provided with a metal shell to protect the inner gauge glass from damage and is widely used for oil tanks in the petroleum industry.

Mica Gasket Assembly

Mica gasket assembly is commonly used as transparent and multi-port level gauges, and are easy to install in all types of level gauge sight glasses.