Micrometer is used to test the diameter of tubular gauge glass.


Customized Gauge Glass Products with Accurate Dimension

YuanBo Engineering Co., Ltd. devotes to produce high quality standard and thick wall gauge glass with polished clear surface and edge for more than 10 years. We have technically advanced machinery, skillful workers as well as professional salesman.

Our main product covers all kinds of gauge glass, such as transparent gauge glass, reflex gauge glass, round sight glass and tubular gauge glass. We can customize the dimension and shape of gauge glass according to customers' requirements. We can also produce optical glass, step glass, glass disc, glass tube, laboratory glass, glass rod and glass panel.


Our High Quality Product

Raw Material

The common kinds of material are soda-lime glass, borosilicate glass, aluminosilicate glass and quartz glass. We choose suitable material for different working environment. Soda-lime glass suit soft environment and low pressure and temperature. Borosilicate glass, aluminosilicate glass and quartz glass can work in aggressive environment and can withstand high pressure and temperature.

High Technology

We can make sure the clear surface and well ground edge. Our gauge glass have polishing surface with no crack and bubble. Apart from that we can also produce accurate dimension sight glass. We can achieve ±0.05 mm tolerance to meet the requirements of some delicate instruments.

Advanced Machinery

During production, we use professional and advanced equipment to ensure the high quality gauge glass with clear surface, well ground edge and tight tolerance. Our equipment includes glass grinding machine, cutting machine and so on. In order to ensure the high quality of our goods, we have professional detect machine. We will check our products before shipping carefully.

Our team members are discussing our sales plan.


Our Professional Team

Skillful Workers

Our workers have specialized in gauge glass for at least 5 years. Our professional workers help us to follow the most advanced technology and our factory workers can make sure the quality during production.

Professional Salesman

Our sales team is familiar with both production and selling. All the salesmen work in the factory for one month first and then they can start to learn the selling. As a result, they can help customers to solve all the problems in choosing suitable gauge glass, installment and problem during usage. Our salesmen can communicate fluently with customers in English, and customers will feel good in contacting with us.

Best Service

We provide best service before sales as well as after sales. Before selling, we will introduce our products patiently and customers feel free to ask any question about the products. After sales, we will also have passion to solve any problem for customers.