Oil Level Indicator – A Perfect Alternative to Planar Level Gauges

Oil level indicator combines the multiple advantages of tubular level gauges, planar level gauges and boiler level indicators.

It consists of two parts: the outer metal protective shell and the inner glass tube for liquid measurement. The metal shell protects the inner glass tube from damage without affecting the effect of visual observation. Meanwhile, it overcomes the weakness of general tubular level gauges, such as fragile, unstable, and unsafe.

It can replace planar level gauges to some extent due to its low costs than that of planar level gauges of the same properties.

Oil level gauges are usually used for liquid level measurement of oil tanks in the petroleum industry and can be attached to any position of the tank by thread connection.

Oil level indicators in different sizes

Oil level indicator


  • Robust structure. The glass tube for measurement is covered with a metal protective shell to prevent the glass tube from being broken by accidents.
  • Direct observation. The gauge glass of oil level indicator can achieve the best level observation effect, and its transparency can be used to observe the condition and color of the liquid.
  • Simple structure, easy maintenance.
  • It may act as the discharge port of oil tanks or as the filling port for liquids, or as a sampling port of oil samples.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and inexpensive price.
Specification of Oil Level Indicators
Range of Measurement 0–1000 mm
Operating Pressure 0.6–1.0 MPa
Operating Temperature -10 °C to +180 °C
Body Material ss304, ss316, brass, carbon steel
Gauge Glass Material Glass
Way of Connection Threaded connection


Oil level indicator structure diagram

Oil level indicator structure diagram

  1. Body
  2. Protect pipe
  3. Nut
  4. Tube (Glass)
  5. Seal/Gasket


Mica gaskets are commonly used in transparent level gauges and transparent type welded pad level gauges and act as protective shield for level gauges.

Oil level indicator for oil tanks in petrochemical plants

For oil tanks

Oil level indicator for lubricating oil tanks in petrochemical plants

For lubricating oil sample analysis

An array of tubular gauge glass is vertically placed on the desk.

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