Moisture Indicator Indicates Refrigerant Conditions Based on Color Changess

Moisture indicator is designed to test the presence of moisture in refrigerant fluid and is usually installed at the back end of a filter dryer.

It is composed of sight glass made of galvanized steel or stainless steel and pipe fittings made of brass. The connection between sight glass and pipe fitting is divided into threaded connection and saddle welding, while pipe fitting connection is divided into threaded connection and welding.

It will change color as the percentage of moisture in the system varies. If the indicator is green, it means that the refrigerant does not contain moisture. If the indicator becomes yellow, it means that the moisture content in the pipe is high, and it is time to replace the filter dryer.

Moisture indicators are widely used in industrial refrigeration, commercial equipment refrigeration, domestic air conditioning, etc.

Moisture indicator

Moisture indicator


3 thread type moisture indicators are displayed.

Thread type

Saddle type moisture indicator

Saddle type


  • Corrosion resistance. Made of brass, it has a solid structure with great corrosion resistance. It is not easy to rust, thereby reducing the possibility of leakage.
  • Sealed, leak-free construction. High performance sealing materials like PTFE are used to ensure non-leakage.
  • Accurate color calibration. Accurate color calibration at higher temperatures and at low ppm levels of media is possible.
  • Easy to monitor. Moisture indicator is provided with a wide angle for observation and its high clear sight glass window allows operators to clearly observe fluid changes.


Moisture indicator structure diagram

Moisture indicator structure diagram


  • Suitable for R-774, R-22, R-134a, R-404A, R-407C, R-410A, R-507C, etc.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 60 bar, 80 bar, 120 bar
  • Allowable operating pressure: -40 °C to +120 °C
Moisture indicator male flare connection

Male flare connection

Connection Size Length Length
1/4" 72.9 mm 2.87"
3/8" 65 mm 2.56"
1/2" 97 mm 3.82"
5/8" 104.6 mm 4.12"
1-3/8" 203.2 mm 8"
1-5/8" 203.2 mm 8"
2-1/8" 203.2 mm 8"
Moisture indicator female & male flare connection

Female & male flare connection

Connection Size Length Length
1/4" 65 mm 2.56"
3/8" 75.4 mm 2.97"
1/2" 87.4 mm 3.44"
Moisture indicator ODF Solder

ODF solder connection

Connection Size Length Length
1/4" 117.6 mm 4.63"
3/8" 117.6 mm 4.63"
1/2" 124 mm 4.88"
5/8" 124 mm 4.88"
7/8" 160.3 mm 6.31"
1-1/8" 160.3 mm 6.31"

Note: Other sizes are available upon request.


Moisture indicators are widely used in used in industrial refrigeration, transport refrigeration, domestic and commercial refrigeration, etc.

Moisture indicator for refrigeration air conditioner in plants

For refrigeration air conditioner in plants

Moisture indicator for commercial refrigeration air conditioners

For commercial refrigeration air conditioners

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