Gauge glass for high pressure tests


Gauge Glass for High Pressure Aggressive Environment

YuanBo Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing all kinds of gauge glass for more than 10 years. We have professional technicians, skillful workers, professional salesman and advanced machines. We can promise to supply high quality gauge glass with accurate dimension, polished surface, well ground edge, high pressure and temperature resistance and stable chemical property.


Why Choose Our Gauge Glass?

High working pressure.

Our thick wall sight glass is designed for high pressure environment. It can work in pressure as high as 500 bars.

High working temperature.

The gauge glass made of borosilicate and quartz glass material is suitable to high working temperature. The borosilicate gauge glass highest working temperature is 600 °C. The quartz gauge glass can work in 1000 °C for a long time.

Corrosion resistance.

Gauge glass has stable chemical property. It's acid and alkali resistance ability is much better than stainless steel material.

Clear liquid level.

We find ways to make the liquid level clear for reading. Our reflex gauge glass and tubular gauge glass with red line make the liquid level clear for reading directly or by industry television.

No contamination to liquid.

Glass material is stable and will not contaminate the liquid in the container which suits for drinking water tanks.

Friendly to environment.

Our glass materials can be recycled an infinite number of times, thereby leaving no resource waste or causing bad impact on the surrounding environment.

Long using life.

Glass material is stable in nature and offers a 10 year maintenance free service life, which greatly reduces your maintenance and replacement costs.

Four round sight glass products are displayed at different angles.


Round Sight Glass

Round sight glass is commonly used in production instruments and pipes of petrol, chemical, medical and food industry, in order to view the liquid or gas flowing. Through observing the liquid and gas flowing, we can adjust the equipment to avoid any accident.

A row of tubular gauge glass is placed orderly.


Tubular Gauge Glass

Tubular gauge glass is used in boiler and tanks. The heavy wall tubular gauge glass is suitable for high pressure boilers and tanks. Some tubular gauge glass tubes have a red line to make the liquid level clear for reading.

A transparent gauge glass and a reflex glass are displayed.


Transparent and Reflex Gauge Glass

Transparent and reflex gauge glass is the most common gauge glass and applied in industry boilers and pressure tanks to read the liquid level.